Timely HR Reminders and Relevant Services

It is critical to stay abreast of the changing HR approaches, laws and trends. Look at your company with fresh eyes!

  1. Conduct a full HR Insight Assessment to uncover opportunities and identify enhancements.

  2. Propel your team and business into the next quarter by scheduling or creating a training, program or workshop

  3. Learn the fundamentals of human resources with an approach to engage any adult learner!

Structured & Customized Human Resource Coaching and Training

Meghan has been key in helping me cross over into the world of HR. She is an excellent listener and is extremely insightful. There is so much to absorb and Meghan has been an impressive coach in both my HR training and in my professional career.
— Darla Brooks, VP of Finance and HR, Vantage Builders
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Learn the fundamentals of HUMAN RESOURCES through a practical, structured, specialized approach. Are you looking for a convenient way to gain HR training without having to leave your office for an entire day?  SteinbergHR will come to you for a structured and customized training! Are you the person who is "saddling" with Human Resource responsibility?  This training is great for YOU or someone on your TEAM who may hold the position of Controller, HR or Payroll Administrator, Finance/Business Manager, HR Representative or Assistant, Accounting Manager or Office Manager. Ideal Companies are small to mid-size who have the HR responsibilities roll up to someone who does not have the HR body of knowledge. Education will mitigate risk and create a great experience for employees by creating a solid HR foundation within your company. The teaching style is guided by a syllabus, textbook, interactive dialogue and practical follow-up with solutions, tools and connections.  

Human Resources Assessment


This service consists of a complete audit along with a summary of findings and suggestions. This will provide a complete overview of your current state of your human resources and your people foundation along with ways to enhance and grow. It is a perfect on going tool!

Training Sessions and Workshops

**Please note, the below are examples of training sessions. We are able to create and customize special sessions to align with your business.**

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Change Management

This interactive and fun session with your employees will generate healthy, engaging conversation about:

• The importance of teamwork and communiction.
• How to embrace change within your organization.
• Understanding the "why" behind the change.
• How the change will impact the individual and job.

Partnering with a local charity of choice to identify an activity where employees can "give back".

This activity will foster team participation, communication, inclusivity and highlight the fundamental change agents and impact.

Note: You may also incorporate a local organization by partnering and building relationships.


Mindfulness in the Workplace

The study of meditation and mindfulness is not necessary when integrating it into the day, personal or professional. It is simply the awareness of mindfulness that will move the needle in the organization.This calming session will:

•Provide insight and enhanced productivity in the workplace.
•Be interactive sessions, practicing mindfulness.
•Highlight the small actions that will have a major impact on interactions and reactions.
•Help to identify triggers.
•Obtain tips and tricks.


Employee Engagement

A humble, inviting session that will reveal the common themes and trends related to culture and engagement. This is a very interactive session that:

•Generates conversation about the goals, mission, and values
•Highlights and measures the gap in culture.
•Engages employees and works to understand the gap by getting live information and feedback from employees.

An added service is to gather the information, work with leadership on action plans and common themes.



Performance Management

How and when is employee feedback or evaluations given? There are various ways to approach, engage and execute - what is the right fit for your company? Regardless of the process, this session will highlight:

• The importance of preparedness and timing.
• Unconscious bias written and while conducting live meetings.
• How to provide feedback that is respectful.
• Follow-up tips.


Dress For Your Workday Plus

This session is wonderfully trendy. It is a fun, visual and helpful session that will assist new to mid level professionals maximize their wardrobe without breaking the bank.

There will be exploration regarding:

This thorough workshop will assist new and seasoned interviewers with a breadth of knowledge relating to preparing and conducting a successful interview.
• How and where to find great outfits.
• How to maximize multiple pieces of clothing by mix-matching.
• What is appropriate and not.
• Best practices when out with your colleagues or boss.


Fine Tuning Interview Skills

This thorough workshop will assist new and seasoned interviewers with a breadth of knowledge relating to preparing and conducting a successful interview.
• An overview how to write a job descriptions.
• Guidance on how to prepare clean, crisp, innovative questions in alignment with your company.
• Awareness of what to ask and not to ask.
• Different types of interviews and how to be efficient.
• Practical interview "tests", tools and importance of consistency.