Human Resource Solutions and Services

Explore our interim, part-time and project based engagements in various disciplines. We deliver results and solutions to meet your vision.

Types of Engagements and Partnerships



Talent Management & Search




  • Part Time and Interim HR Support

  • HR Project Base Engagements

  • Thought Partner with In House HR and Leadership

  • Start-Ups, Small to Mid-Size Companies

  • Transitional Assistance




  • Succession Planning

  • Branding

  • Creation of Candidate and New Employee Experience

  • Sourcing & Attracting Strategies

  • Contingency Searches

  • Interviewing Tools & Techniques

  • New Employee Orientation & Onboarding

  • Implement Full Life Cycle Recruiting and Talent Management

  • Start-Up Documents, Process and Tools for New Hires

Change Management


  • Change Assessments

  • Communication Strategy

  • Training for All Levels of Organization

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Impact Evaluation

  • Change in Workforce Assessment

  • Bring Mindfulness to the Workplace While Enhancing Productivity and Creativity

Technology & Process Improvement




  • Process Improvement Projects Which Optimize Value, Experience and Productivity

  • Gap Analysis

  • Implementation of Systems (HCMS, HRIS, Payroll)

  • Integration of Systems

  • Project Management

Performance Management & Employee Engagement




  • Teach and mentor the HR fundamentals for those who "own" the responsibility day to day

  • Employee engagement strategies

  • Investigation (discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, and/or other employee complaint

  • Recognition and Mentoring Programs

  • Professional development plans for key employees and leaders

Policy, Law, HR Foundation




  • HR Policies, Processes & Procedures

  • Employee Handbooks

  • HR Compliance and Policy Training

  • HR Full Insight Audit

Training Development




  • Coach HR Fundamentals & Foundation to In House Employees 

  • Create Individual Professional Development Plans

  • Professional Coaching & Guidance

  • Create, Design and Facilitate Customized Organizational Development Programs & Training Sessions